Andrew Rolfe and the Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund

The efforts put by Jacob Lief have enabled him to raise large amounts of money to add into the children fund all over the United Sates. Jacob Lief is the founder and the CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund located in the United States. He expects that someday, the children of the rich and the poor will get the same form of education. Recently, this foundation has also moved to South Africa and began funding the education of children in Port Elizabeth.

Jacob Lief has now turned to the high-net-worth people to get the funding. He warns that those who give donations should not put restrictions for their money to be spent only on the sharp children. The Ubuntu model simulates a myriad of concerns in this organization. Every child in yearns to achieve their dreams in the best possible way.

Today, Ubuntu Education Fund offers health and educational support to the less fortunate children in South Africa. Andrew Rolfe helps in the running of this organization. Each child yearns for education, and Andrew Rolfe ensures that every child is given that which is important for their survival in the real world. Money collected for this foundation is used towards this mission.

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund. Together with his compatriots, they warn their donors towards putting restrictions on the money they donate. Freedom is all that they want when assisting the Children of South Africa. Andrew Rolfe believes that children stand to benefit in a better way when they can learn without having to worry about the funds meant for their education.

His mission is to help people whenever they are. As a leader in the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe is surely dedicated to serving this purpose. He has worked to come to the rescue of the children in South Africa who need education but lack funds to achieve their dreams. He has also constantly demonstrated to them that there is always a way out when it comes to education.

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