Jim Tananbaum is Moving Healthcare to a Higher Level

Jim Tananbaum serves as the chief executive director and founder of a respectable company known as Foresite Capital. Jim established the company in the year 2011, and since then, it has focuses its efforts in helping the healthcare firms to increase profits by offering networks, information, and capital. Most of the companies who have partnered with Foresite Capital have done well.

Before starting the healthcare focused company, Jim Tananbaum had founded a company known as Geltex Pharmaceuticals. The institution was established just when the businessman was finishing his medical studies. After several years, the company was sold for more than one and half billion dollars in 1998. Jim Tananbaum has co-founded several other pharmaceutical firms. Some of these include Theravance, Sierra Ventures, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Some of these medical companies have turned out to be leaders in the competitive world. The presence of the medical expert in these groups has played a key role in the success of the companies.

Not long ago, Jim Tananbaum was interviewed by Ideamensch. During the special interview, the businessman explained that the idea to start Foresite Capital was born after spending over twenty-five years in the healthcare world. During these years, he worked as a health entrepreneur and investment strategist, and this gave him the experience to identify some of the key factors that make an individual successful. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

According to INC42, as the chief executive officer of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum offers the medical entrepreneurs the capital and information they need to succeed. Without these important features, it is impossible for the ventures to do well. Foresite Capital only focuses on the ideas of its investors. Individuals with the best ideas that will make an impact on healthcare industry are given the top priority. The innovators must prove that they will solve all the unmet demands of clients in the complex healthcare world.

The businessman says that his family is his priority. Although Jim Tananbaum is always busy with meetings and office work, he loves setting some time aside for his children and wife. Every day, he makes sure that he takes dinner with them.




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