Richard “Rich” Smith Seeks To Make the Community Safer Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Richard “Rich” Smith is the CEO of the Securus Technologies which is headquartered in Dallas, Text and serves more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies currently holding about 1.2 million inmates across North America. Securus Technologies provides the facilities with vital services like emergency responses, incident management, public information, outside investigations, biometric analyses, communication, and information management, inmate self-service and monitoring products to track inmate’s whereabouts within the facility. Securus Technologies exists to make the world a safer, better place to live.

Richard “Rich” Smith went to State University of New York at Buffalo where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering. Smith then went on to the University of Rochester to receive his MBA degree. Smith started Securus Technologies after cutting his teeth working for both Eschelon Telecom Inc. as COO from 2000-2003 before becoming the CEO of his own Securus Technologies company thereafter. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

In December 2015, Smith added John Bell to his staff as the Senior Vice President of Sales to help develop Securus Technologies further. Bell has, in the past, been a leading provider of both civil and criminal justice technology for public safety as well as corrections and monitoring services. This means now Securus Technologies has developed a portfolio of over 800 products for the law enforcement community and corrections sectors, with the hope of many more products to come.

Smith cited the fact that Securus Technologies has sunk over $600 million into developing new products in the last 3 years and for that reason, they needed someone experienced as Bell to oversee the new products. Josh Conklin, the company’s Sales Vice President will report directly to John Bell himself and will not have his current responsibilities or job description changed at all with this new hire.

Rich Smith Securus is committed to providing law enforcement with the tools that they need to do their job properly. If the law enforcement community uses the all of the tools that Securus Technologies can offer to their fullest potential they will help make the community a much safer place. That was the ultimate goal Rick Smith had when creating Securus Technologies was to create a safer community for everyday citizens and to help law enforcement do their jobs to the best of their potential.

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