Success Academy Is Paving The Way For The Future Of Education

Success Academy has changed what is possible in our education system with high test scores and the high success rate amongst students. They have proved that any student from any background or race has the ability to be successful and rank top in their class. In New York, Success Academy’s students have scored near 100% proficiency in English and Math. Compared to many other schools around the country they are proving their strategies and processes are working.


Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City was founded in 2006, and is currently the highest performing free public charter school in the community. Admission is open to all New York State students no matter their background, special needs, or is in the process of learning English. Every April there is a random lottery that admits new students. Approximately 75% of their student body come from low-income households and approximately 8% are currently or recently learning English for the first time. A striking 15% of their student body is currently or was special needs. The majority, 93%, of their students are of color. They are a glowing example of the potential our future holds.


Charter Schools like Success Academy have more lenient rules on how to operate their facility but are monitored strictly for their performance rates. Success Academy take their students and set them on a path that will lead to college and success in any industry. They make sure the bar is set high, that expectations are met, and besides reaching great test scores, they want to ensure that the student develops in a healthy and joyful environment. They encourage the chance to make friends, to understand one another, and to explore other passions like dance, debate and chess.


The world is limitless for the students of Success Academy Charter School. All fourth graders at the charter school get to learn how to ballroom dance for ten weeks. First graders get to show off their art projects at art fairs every year. It gives parents and loved ones the opportunity to observe and awe at their students artistic ability. Every year they present a three week Winter Opportunity Academy Seminar where the students get to step out of the classroom and experience a new and exciting passion.


Every year their high school students participate in community events. Success Academy instills in their students the importance of caring about the larger community. High school students also had the opportunity to travel to France and Spain in 2016. They get the opportunity to also experience the world as a whole.


Students from all grades also get the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of New York City. They have the chance to visit many different museums, the United Nations and many other locations.

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