Brian Bonar’s Proficient Career In Leadership And Technological Technicalities

Brian Bonar is a well-known name in corporate America in both middle level and world status business networks. Apart from the recognition he gets from his peers, he is the recipient of a number of coveted awards, including The Cambridge award which honors Whos who in the various business industries. Brian received an award for his proficiency in handling finance and additional skills in leadership and academic endeavors. The awarding committee took into consideration Brian’s career span which adds up to more than thirty years working in varied posts.

Currently Brian Bonar heads Imaging Technologies as chief executive officer. The firm has a specialization in developing color scheme software and digital imaging devices. Under Brian’s leadership, the firm has an attainment at the top among average level firms. Brian is the chief executive professional and chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a firm that deals with drafting and handing out program designed to help customers in their businesses. Brian Bonar’s particular role at the firm requires him to manage benefits for both employers and employees of the corporation. He also micromanages the products sets to be released to clients. Recently, the firm revealed their acquisition of Source One Group, a business that facilitates company’s’ mundane tasks. Brian expressed his enthusiasm in the new asset and stated that it will be greatly complimentary in payroll processions and human resource management.

Brian Bonar serves Smart-Tel Automated Services Incorporation as the executive officer and Allegiant Professional Business Service as president. Brian’s longstanding involvement in culinary affairs have honed his relationship skills. He manages to transform average firms into market giants by forging formidable links with clients and partners who portray similar-minded goals. Before joining ITEC, a firm that grew immensely under his guidance, Brian worked for Trucept Incorporation in various positions including secretary, treasurer, director and CFO. He also served Adaptec Incorporation, a laser printing business located in San Jose and developing and distributing color monochrome printing devices. He was the executive director of Rastek Corporation at one time and worked with IBM for 17 years from its United Kingdom office. Brian is an alumnus of Strathclyde where he earned his bachelors, James Watt Technical College where he got his technical engineering degree and Staffordshire where he received his postgraduate degree in mechanical engineering.Brian Bonar’s portfolio is available across the internet and on many accolades such as the business news channel, PR News. Over the years, I has reported on Brian’s multiple achievements such as his past work at QMS. Brian worked as the director of engineering at the corporation and was the manager of more than 100 staff in his department. He went ahead to became the sales manager at Adaptec where he gained invaluable skills that equipped him to start Bezier Systems. Visit his Facebook page :

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