How the Innovation Guru Bruce Bent II has Made it this far in Entrepreneurship

Bruce Bent ll possesses in abundance entrepreneur skills that have fully passed the test of time. His innovations include and not limited to short-term asset management plans, and cash management services for both huge and small corporate. His technological innovations have helped create tailor-made products for cash handling with FDIC insured money systems creating a vast financial empire.

He is also credited for his wit in working towards the orderly closure of The Reserve mutual fund product which was voluntarily closed down by innovators. During his tenure as the CEO of this organization, he grew its capital base tremendously over a span of the seventeen years he worked there. His business wit has hit various reputable publications such as New York Times, world journal and China Press among others. The recognition was because of his involvement in many successful business ventures such as asset management, business consultancy, intellectual property and health care insurance just to mention a few. Bent is a member of many entrepreneur associations and most notably the Young Presidents’ Organization that connects business leaders worldwide.

Mr. Bent says that he draws his inspiration from among many others his father. He is on record saying that his father brought him up with an innovative mind from a young age. This can be said to have influenced his business skills. He was inspired at a young age to do what has not been done before to create solutions to problems rather than sitting back and watching over the turn of events. Doing what has not been done before is what inspires him more. As a matter of fact, this enthusiasm has rewarded as it has earned him over 60 private patent rights. He is a firm believer in rewarding performance rather than glorifying academic qualifications a fact that may not go down well with many people because the world order is to reward pedigree. The satisfying performance will out rightly create value for customers and give the business a chance to grow.

Today, he is the president of Double Rock Corporation which is the world’s leading financial service provider with six fully owned companies and works with many subsidiary enterprises of this kind of business.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter @bbent_ii

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