Mike Baur has a passion for helping entrepreneurs

Every year that passes by, colleges and big businesses are that much harder to join. There are very few dropouts that get to brag about how successful they have become unless they work for a wealthy friend or know a family member with a good business.


Mike Baur formally a college “drop out” is now a successful investor and mentor. Baur is not the first successful dropout and definitely will not be last. He is an investor currently working out of Finland. Baur specializes in coaching young Finish business owners that need help making more sales. He helped build the Swiss Start-Up Factory to give small entrepreneurs an opportunity to get pro tips.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory is a fast paced training course for those that want to continue their empire. This program was made with digital technology businesses in mind. Every so often Baur and his staff select a few of the most energetic and eager startups. Baur hands a wad of cash to the company to help them off the ground and then teaches the owner how to keep the business running.


It can be hard for small entrepreneurs to find financial support when they are constantly overshadowed by larger businesses. Obtaining enough sufficient capital to get off the ground is only the first step. Operating under a qualified business coach will keep the business running.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory was created to help local Finnish startups, but Mike Baur has not ruled out helping international companies in the future. The accelerator program will continue to grow and help more entrepreneurs reach their goals. The company works in close collaboration with Geneva-Fintech Accelerator Fusion.


Mike Baur is one of the co-founders of Swiss Start-up Factory AG. Baur has been working in the investment field for over twenty years. He worked for the Swiss banking industry and has worked for some fundraisers and investment projects.


The mentor program created by Mike Bau was created in 2014. The program is a Zurich-based accelerator seeking hard working digital entrepreneurs to work with. The Swiss Startup Factory works in close cooperation with other businesses in the Switzerland area as well as around the globe. All of the business owners that collaborate with this company share one common goal, to grow out quickly. Business owners will receive training for three months, and then they move on to the next level.


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