Lime Crime Launches Yet Another Popular Brand

They Pocket Candy palettes is a newly introduced eye-shadow being released under the Lime Crime brand. Why give your look anything less than the best? Choose from 5 buttery colors in a 90’s style pastel palette that will let you relive your childhood. Their new Pocket Candy line will take you back to the time you use to put your favorite doll in your Jordache jeans. Amazingly, they will over their 5 color option for under $40 dollars, but they will also offer very affordable bundles for more color options. Their new line is very popular among young adults, makeup artist, and celebrity professionals.

LC cosmetics is an amazing super-foil based formula that gives your beautiful features to stand out in amazing shades, and hues. Spruce up your look, or find a new look with cool LC colors like Radical Metallic, and Purple Sorbet. Pamper your skin with the richness of a perfectly infused hypoallergenic beauty care product with Lime Crime. Choose from amazing colors directly from their website with optional free shipping offers. Doe Deere, marketing analyst, technology expert, and female entrepreneur cosmetic designer, is the name, and face behind Lime Crime. She recently told, Savoir Laflare online, she always expanding on her original launch of LC.

LC cosmetics go with any look, outfit, hairdo, or mood. If you’re looking for great ways to be inspired by their cosmetics, LC offers a select Pinterest page with thousands of tutorials around the world offering creative ways to wear their products. Don’t be fooled by imitators who don’t offer that waterproof formula you’re use to with their original LC brand. Their products deliver an endless list of cute colors you’ll cherish as your go-to makeup for any, and occasion. LC cosmetics are easy to apply, and simple to remove by the end of the day.

Experience color that will last throughout the day while giving you complete confidence in your face-to-face interactions, or win over a love interest you’ve been after forever with LC beauty care cosmetics. Take control of dull boring colors with the benefits of using the unique Line Crime brand today.

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