The Efforts that Sheldon Lavin has Taken to Build the OSI Group Business Empire

The current CEO and chairman of the OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. The company is currently the largest processor of meat and meat related products. They have been in business since the early seventies. However, Sheldon Lavin was not part of the team which founded the company. When the company was started by German Immigrant, Otto, and Sons, they had the limited vision of supplying meat products to the local market and mainly to McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin joined the company much later. The interesting thing about his journey with this company is the fact that he was the financial investment advisor to Otto&Sons in the mid-seventies when they were thinking about expanding their business.

The idea was floated to him by the bank that he should join the group as a shareholder. At first, Sheldon was hesitant about getting involved, but after some discussions, he agreed to take up shares in the company. The decision has transformed his life from that of a Chicago Banker to a Global Food Industry Executive. One of the many achievements that he has made and is very proud of is the expansion of the company. In the past three decades, the company has managed to move from a local food supplier to a global business which has a reach all over the world.

The other achievement he has made is the fact that the company has moved from a handful of employees to more than 20,000. Sheldon reveals that he has been able to achieve this because he has created sense of family-oriented corporate culture, and allowed it to filter down the ranks from the senior management to the lowest employee level. This feeling of belonging has made significantly reduced the instances of employee turnover. The effect is that people who work with the company remain there for such a long time that they become experts in the specific areas they work in. The business benefits because they do not have to keep training people for the same jobs. For more info about us: click here.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has expanded their reach to places such as China, India, Japan, South Africa and Australia. They have a business model whereby they just offer their business name to the local business which is providing meat products and then assist them in achieving the quality of products that they create. Sheldon Lavin has, therefore, managed to turn an industry he knew close to nothing about to global success.

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