Attorney and Philanthropist-Tony Petrello

In the Houston area, oil directors are known to be humanitarian, unlike other areas where the executives are known to be greedy. However, this is not the case with one oil executive Anthony Petrello. Long before the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries took up the position, he was known to be a person with a big heart and a great supporter of the community. Mr. Petrello and his wife were blessed with a daughter who was born prematurely and their act of kindness to the society increased. Petrello is considered to be among the Chief Executive officers who are generous.

Anthony and his wife Cynthia are devoted to giving their support regarding money to the medical research organizations in the United States. According to records, the couple has already donated $5milliona, and they have pledged to donate another $2million in support of more medical research. The donation that Anthony’s offer comes from a personal reason of their daughter being born prematurely and going through health challenges. Carena is their daughter who recently began chewing food at the age of seven, this is a blessing to their parents, and they are grateful for her progress. When their daughter; Carena was born prematurely, at the age of six months, the baby, she suffered periventricular leukomalacia a condition that is very common among premature babies. The condition occurs when the oxygen does not reach the brain. The condition can further cause cerebral palsy a disease that affected Carena. The parents were humbled by a state which no parent expects to form their babies, and together they learned to seek help praying to God to intervene in their situation.

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. He joined Yale University after his High School graduation and graduated with two degrees in Mathematics before joining the prestigious Harvard University for his Degree in law. He began his career serving at a law firm Baker &McKenzie where he mainly focused on taxation, the general law as well as arbitration. In 1991 Anthony joined Nabors serving on the Board of Directors as well as the Executive Committee Board. Since he entered the oil industry, Tony has been climbing the career ladder with him first serving as the President in 1992, Deputy Chairman in 2003, and in 2011 he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. His philanthropic activity has given him a chance to serve at the Texas Children’s Hospital as a Trustee.

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