How End Citizens United is Fighting For Voting Rights

There has been a quiet battle going on behind the scenes of America’s highest courts since 2010. In 2010 the Conservative, right wing group Citizens United decided to try and argue that corporations should be allowed to contribute as much money as they want to campaigns because it was part of their ‘free speech’. James Bopp, the lawyer in charge, argued that corporations should be treated as people. Bopp managed to successfully make this argument despite the very clear path he was leading toward: bringing dark money into politics. Now, seven years later, Washington D.C. is still reeling. There are fortunately people fighting to get dark money back out of politics and this is the mission of End Citizens United.

The team at End Citizens United is led by President Tiffany Muller. Muller took charge in order to help get ECU up and running during perhaps the most pivotal time of their history: the Donald Trump era. Donald Trump is likely in the White House due largely to work of Citizens United and the lawyer James Bopp. End Citizens United saw how destructive Donald Trump could become and they also saw how many people were angered at his election. That is why End Citizens United saw a huge surplus of donations through the early part of 2017 which culminated in nearly a total of $4 million. That money was donated by American voters who just want their voice heard in the political realm. The average size of donation was just $12 — there are no special interests or groups of dark money trying to sway the purpose of the political action committee. End Citizens United is trying to raise enough money to make their support matter in 2018 when the Congressional Races begin in earnest.

End Citizens United knows that in order to introduce a constitutional amendment to change the Citizens United ruling that they are going to need help. That is why End Citizens United has gotten into the habit of backing progressive politicians who are ready and willing to make campaign finance reform one of their key pillars on the platform. This led End Citizens United to endorse Doug Jones for Senate in the Alabama Special Election that is due on December 12th. Jones is a strong progressive who used to work as a US Attorney. Jones was responsible also for bringing to justice the KKK members who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church that killed four young girls. Jones is unrelenting in his pursuit of justice and getting rid of dark money in the political machine. That is why End Citizens United was so happy to back him. Still, Jones faces an uphill battle against Republican, and bigoted, Roy Moore.

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