How Rocketship Education Stays Afloat In Today’s World

Personalized learning is popular in today’s world of education. Just ten years ago, using technological devices to offer individualized lessons was largely unheard of. Today at Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations across the United States, individualized lessons are taught almost every day.

 Home to businesses, organizations, and entities with extraordinary innovation, the San Francisco Bay Area birthed Rocketship Education, a pioneer of device-assisted personalized education, in 2007. There are currently twelve schools across the Bay Area, together totaling to 18 with three in Nashville, two in Washington DC, and one in Wisconsin.

 Preston Smith and John Danner wanted to bring great schools to low-income areas, notorious for being unable to bring quality education to their disadvantaged students. Being able to accept funding from governments without adhering to the often-unequal rules of school boards, this system of charter schools is allowed to accept financial aid from private parties, as well, and run themselves. They often perform better than public schools that have to adhere to rules of nearby boards of education.

 One of the three schools in the nation’s capital is 54,000-square feet. Tennis star Andre Agassi set forth enough money for another one of Washington DC’s facilities. Charter schools are unique in this aspect, as most other public schools would not have private sources place large amounts of money in schools.

 Parents, educators, and family members of students should express their content with public school systems and how they perform private schools when given the same resources. Rocketship Education, being a charter school, does not have to follow the rules that boards of school directors set forth. Unfortunately for facilities in low-income areas – a characteristic of all eighteen installations of Rocketship Education’s network – they often don’t receive the same level of funding that private schools or well-known public schools following the direction of boards of education.

 Parents are an integral part of many important regular functions at Rocketship Education’s eighteen facilities. They’re deeply involved with interviews, being trained at the expense of RSED to screen applicants in person. The school even holds large get-togethers, where

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