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George Soros is a businessman and philanthropic who commands respect in the United States and around the world. Coming from humble background did not deter George Soros vision of establishing his business. He was born to a Jewish family in Hungary during the height of Nazi occupation. Having witnessed the massacre carried out by Nazi occupation in Hungary and he was lucky to escape to England. He immediately enrolled in economics schools where he studied and obtained his degree. He later went to New York where he started his career in financial matters. After working for a few companies, he gained the necessary skills and experience he needed and established his own foundation known as Open Society Foundations and learn more about George Soros.

Having experienced first-hand oppression in Hungary, his political perceptions in politics turned to be capitalism. In New York, his business thrived as he employed brilliant ideas to run his business. He astonished the world when he made one billion dollars during the black currency crisis in England by selling his shares in the stock markets. Up to date, George Soros has donated over eight billion dollars to charities around the world. Currently, he is worth more than 65 billion dollars. He philanthropic works include promoting education, social equity, freedom of speech, freedom of media and other sectors identified by Open society foundations.

He did not forget his country of birth after becoming successful. He donated several photocopiers to universities, social groups and libraries in Hungary to promote education and the free flow of information. In authoritarian regimes, the flow of information is considered as an important tool to educate people about their right and awaken their desire for better governance. George Soros is also touched by the human suffering caused by war. In the height of Yugoslavia war and after the war, he donated millions of dollars for humanitarian purposes that helped the communities affected by war to rebuild their lives again and read full article.

George Soros also supports lawyers and organizations that fight for human right, advocate for democracy and charitable organizations. He also supports LGBT community, women and children and Muslim people marginalized or discriminated in Europe because of their religion. In South Africa, George Soros sponsored black student affected by apartheid to acquire higher education so that they can deliver their country from apartheid and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

When it comes to business, George Soros has supported several upcoming entrepreneurs by holding several interviews and shows to share his success and skills. Under his leadership, Open society foundation has achieved many goals and missions within and outside the United States. Now in his 80s, George Soros continues to be personally involved in open society traveling to various places to support his work and advocate for positive social changes. He has also worked and partnered with several world leaders, organizations and similar philanthropist to bring change in the world and Follow his

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