Omar Yunes Bags Title : A Scion Of Success

Omar Yunes is a household name to many who are in the food industry. Yunes rose up the ranks of this industry when he bagged the best franchisee award in the world. Since then, he has been working hard to maintain the excellent performance. Before discussing his journey, it is important to go through the highlights of the event.

Profile of the award

Omar was awarded in an event that was held in Italy. More than 34 countries participated in the event. This is an indication that Omar was highly qualified and the competition was tough. Held in 2015, Best Franchisee of The World Award, also known as BFW hosted many entrepreneurs who showcased their talents. For Omar to have won, he must have been an excellent candidate. Consistently proving to his clients that his team is qualified to offer the best customer service, Omar won the award.

Omar’s speech

When receiving the award, Omar made it clear that it was an award for his team as well. Although he was the recipient, he was sure that were it not for them, he would not have bagged it. This is an indication that not only has he created multiple job opportunities but he has also initiated team work. Yunes applauded his people for a job well done in exuding excellent customer service. Omar did not start his business yesterday. He has been consistent and resilient in conducting it.

His business profile and commitment

Omar Yunes has been handling business since he was 21 years old. He bears an entrepreneurial spirit. With a self sufficient family background, he chose to establish his business at a young age. This reflects his resilience and persistence. He has been committed to the cause of succeeding for years. Omar Yunes relies on his skills to deliver excellence as a leader. He also believes in team work. That is why he recognized his team during the event. Yunes owns 13 restaurants at Sushi Itto.


Yunes is both a role model and an inspiration. He speaks from the point of a man who has been in the industry for a significant amount of time.

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