Talkspace: Connecting Patients with Therapists

Talkspace is an app that connects users with therapists. The Talkspace blog features articles that highlight various issues surrounding mental illness. One recent blog post discusses the stigma surrounding depression and offers advice for those suffering from the disease. Another blog post on the site discusses the challenges of being in a relationship with a person suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD). It highlights some common struggles that come with loving someone with BPD, such as codependency and threats of suicide, and suggests ways to cope.

Talkspace matches users with a therapist based on the user’s specific need, eliminating the need for the user to find a suitable match themselves. The patient and therapist converse primarily through text message, which can be a comfort for people anxious about commuting to an office or meeting face-to-face. It’s also cheaper than most traditional therapy at $25 per week.

Therapists with Talkspace are trained and licensed and typically have experience working with patients, and the company truly cares about helping people with their mental health. Recently, in the wake of hurricane Irma, Talkspace offered free therapy for victims, and anyone can access their blog posts giving tips on dealing with mental illness. Talkspace has many satisfied users who feel that it is an effective alternative to costly in-person therapy.

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