The Role of Glen Wakeman in the Corporate Arena

Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer at the LaunchPad Holding Company. The launchPad Holding is a SAAS firm that was co-founded in the year 2015. For two decades now, Mr. Wakeman has been a practicing financial expert and a seasoned businessperson. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Scranton University, graduating in the year 1981. He then went to the University of Chicago where he took an MBA degree specializing in Finance.

Throughout his rich career, Glen Wakeman has been known for his revolutionary business skills, entrepreneurial spirit as well as the mentoring skills. Most of these business skills revolve around business setups and development of new business methods. In his career, Wakeman has worked with various firms some of the local and others international. Some of these companies include the GE Capital, the Doral Financial Group and the Nova Four where he is also the founder member. He has also participated in various management positions serving as CEO, President and a board member among other administrative responsibilities. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Well, most people wonder how Glen Wakeman has been able to develop such a wealth of experience in the business arena. Well, Mr. Wakeman has a five-point performance theory. He believes that the rate of return will depend on the availability of human capital, the ability to manage risk, power and an excellent execution of tasks in the business. Being both an investor and a successful writer, Mr. Wakeman has the sort of advice that the new and upcoming entrepreneurs and management team need to learn. His diverse knowledge in various areas of management makes him the best marketing strategist to provide exciting insight to people of different walks of life.

As a transformative business person, Glen Wakeman is well equipped with the various leadership systems across the globe. He has been able to develop a training manual for different investors and entrepreneurs in the global arena. These include investors, local and international financial institutions, as well as the angel investors. As a resident of more than five nations across the globe, Glen Wakeman has what it takes to propel and run business activities in over 30 regions around the world.


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