The Steamy Life of Eli Gershkovitch

Canadian craft breweries are experiencing unprecedented recognition this year after taking 10 gold medals and 14 others (total of 24) back to the northern nation. Canada, well known for its beer, has only relatively recently caught on with the country. Meanwhile, it has taken some time for the rest of the world to turn their eyes towards what has become a looming juggernaut of the craft beer world.

Not the oldest, not the youngest, Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks brewery is the ‘just right’ Canadian craft beer. Eli knows better than most that when it comes to making the best beer, it’s not a race to the finish, but a race to the top. Doing nothing the easy way, Steamworks seemingly goes out of the way to do things the hard way. With his very first brewpub opening in 1995, Gershkovitch set his sights on the difficult path with a legal battle over a moratorium on liquor licenses. Like everything he has done, it was not easy, but well worth the effort. Follow Eli Gershkovitch on Twitter.

From the steam heating system already in place at this location, Steamworks obtained its name and a bit of its identity. This namesake heating method is still used today, in fact, for all Steamworks beer. It might seem like a gimmick, but with results like Eli has achieved, you know there’s something special going on.

One of Gershkovitch’s proudest achievements came in 2016 at the BC Beer Awards. The aptly named Flagship IPA, which only released shortly before the event, was able to take not only first place in its own category, but also took Best in Show over all 750 entries in the competition. Visit to know more about Eli Gershkovitch.

For a man of so much success, however, Eli Gershkovitch is never going to be satisfied with such accomplishments. Even if it was the best beer in the world, he’d still be in his brewery, carefully crafting and testing his next–and greatest–creation. That’s the kind of man he is. For him, it isn’t about winning, or even about being the best. For Gershkovitch, the real prize is the joy of always making something even better.


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