Tony Petrello’s Philanthropic Works

Tony Petrello is a brilliant and exceptional figure in the oil drilling industry in United States. He is also a loving, caring and dedicated father and husband. Tony is an alumnus of Yale University from where he pursued his degree and master in Mathematics. He also graduated from Harvard Law School with Juris doctor.

Tony’s career was at Baker and Mackenzie law firm. He left the firm to join Nabors Industries in 1991. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer, a position he resumed in 2011. He also heads operations section of the firm and has positively increased revenue and company’s share. Besides his academic and professional qualifications, Tony Petrello is a dedicated philanthropist and community builder.

Petrello’s spur for philanthropy

Anthony Petrello is blessed with a remarkable daughter who is experiencing working miracles of research by learning everyday’s activities. Petrello’s daughter, Carena, was diagnosed with a neurological condition after she was born. This has seen Tony extend his love to all other children born with similar condition.

Antony and his wife Cynthia sort for medical intervention that would help them understand their daughter’s condition at Texas Children’s hospital. They have since contributed generously to the Neurological Research Institute to facilitate research into neurological disorders that will help kids like Carena lead normal lives and grow to be whatever they would like to be.

His recent donation of $ 5 million and a further $2million in the near future is designed to propel his mission.

Tony has also lent his expertise to Texas Children’s Hospital through being elected as a member of the hospital’s board of trustees. His talents and skills continually help steer the hospital’s dedication to bettering and improving the lives of Children. He is actively involved in pulling in other dedicated partners who believe in improvement of healthcare. This includes Dan Duncan, chairman and Director of Enterprise Products who gave $50 million towards the putting up of Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Petrello’s works of giving back to the society are not only directed in health but also into generous societal donations. An example is his recent endowment of $150,000 annual prize at his alma mater Yale University to honor his mentor and friend Serge Land. The prize is dedicated to helping individuals in mathematics field.

Tony Petrello is an individual to look up to as an advocate of corporate social responsibility. He has shown a great effort towards improving lives and giving hope to the community.

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