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Michel Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver, forty years old. Michel and Rodrigo Terpins finished in the 7th place in the Prototypes 1 category with over two hours in the 22nd edition of Sertoes Rally. However, they were not able … Continue reading

Cassio Audi: Transforming from a Musician to a Financial Expert

Cassio Audi was once known as a drummer for a metal rock band in Brazil. He became famous in Latin America during the 1980s, when he was still a teenager. They managed to release several albums that is still enjoying … Continue reading

Highland Capital Co Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is an entrepreneur and executive in the financial services industry. He is the co founder and president of Highland Capital Management. Dondero oversees and sets policies for the firm. As the co founder and president, he is always … Continue reading

Amicus Therapeutics Works to Ensure that Those With Rare Diseases Are “Orphans” No More

In the United States a rare disease is any disease that afflicts fewer than 200,000 people. Global estimates places the number of individuals with rare diseases at 350 million, 30,000 of which live in the US. Of the 7,000 known … Continue reading

How Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Built TechStyle Fashion Group

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg might have helped to create the world’s biggest social network when he was still a college student but Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder of fashion company TechStyle Fashion Group, launched his first start up while he was … Continue reading

Don Ressler Makes News With Fabletics

The active wear fashion trend has exploded in the sales market. As fitness becomes a priority to more women, they are searching for comfortable workout clothes that won’t break their budget. For many years, women who wanted to find active … Continue reading

Can Drinking Coffee Extend Your Life?

Can you live longer by drinking more coffee? Strokes and heart disease may be reduced by drinking coffee according to the Annals of Internal Medicine, which recently published two separate studies on the subject. Stroke and heart disease have become … Continue reading

White Shark Media Is Awesome

White Shark Media is a place that can help small businesses with their advertising needs. They are adept at what they do, and they are professionals. Small businesses do well when this company helps them. They can do a myriad … Continue reading

The fight for civil and human rights

Civil rights are a key aspect of any democratic country. It’s imperative that every human in any country is treated will a level humanity and dignity that ensures they never feel unwanted or unappreciated. These rights in most cases are … Continue reading

Dr. Mark Holterman – Helping to Forge the Future of Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman, a champion in the field of pediatrics and cellular therapy, is a pediatric surgeon, professor of surgery and pediatrics at University of Illinois College of Medicine, and CEO of Mariam Global Health, is a supporter of the … Continue reading