Don Ressler Makes News With Fabletics

The active wear fashion trend has exploded in the sales market. As fitness becomes a priority to more women, they are searching for comfortable workout clothes that won’t break their budget. For many years, women who wanted to find active wear had to choose between looking great or affordable clothes.

One brand changed all that when Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson founded a new concept with Fabletics.

In 2010, the three came together and with Ressler’s background in fashion and sales and Hudson’s magnetic appeal-they launched Fabletics. The goal of the company was to provide comfortable, sturdy active wear at a price the average woman could afford. This is not an easy task because creating quality athletic wear has been tried many times. Ressler used his experience and expertise to guide the direction of the line.

Another unique feature about Fabletics is that customers have the opportunity to become VIP members for $50 per month. Membership allowed them to have discounted clothing sent to them, as well as free shipping and reward points for additional perks. Ressler recognized that this model brought in consistent revenue while pitching new products. His concept has been a hit with the public.

Hudson’s appeal to many different type of women has allowed her to establish a relationship with customers. She brings her own unique point of view and flourishes to Fabletics.

Ressler has been able to overcome the biggest hurdle in activewear, which is complexity. He knew that the choices in the past were cheap looking and ill fitting. The common complaint was that women could not put together a complete look without spending a fortune. Along with Goldenberg and Hudson, he helped to design a line that made quite an impression and continues to thrive.

Fabletics has capitalized with a strong online presence and its customers have positive reviews. This marketing strategy by Ressler has enabled Fabletics to compete with even standard retailers. His vision for active wear has been nothing short of revolutionary as more and more women are able to purchase good, solid active wear to complement their busy lifestyle.

The best thing is that the clothes look good, too. Fabletics is expanding its coverage to include plus-sized active wear this year. Ressler knows that providing fashionable plus-sized clothing encourages these women to exercise and live an active lifestyle. Ressler continues to put his finger on the pulse of fashion.

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