How Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Built TechStyle Fashion Group

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg might have helped to create the world’s biggest social network when he was still a college student but Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder of fashion company TechStyle Fashion Group, launched his first start up while he was still just a college student. Today Adam Goldenberg is responsible for helping to lead a company that operates at the intersection of online commerce and women’s fashion but he first got his start creating a company that operated at the intersection of gaming and advertising.

According to a report when Adam was just 15 years old he created a company that was known as Gamers Alliance. The company was created around the early days of the internet long before programmatic advertising, which has become quite common today, was a mature industry. The company Gamers Alliance was a business that specialized in arranging advertising for websites that were focused on the video game industry. After he built his company Adam was able to accomplish something that many tech entrepreneurs only dream of: his company was acquired by a much larger tech company. His business Gamers Alliance was purchased another company that was known as Intermix Media. Gamers Alliance was purchased by Intermix Media in the late 1990s and the company decided to bring Adam Goldenberg on as a full-time employee. Adam was reportedly hired by Intermix Media to work as a senior executive who was responsible for strategic planning while he was still in high school.

Adam Goldenberg left high school so that he could work for Intermix Media full time. It was during Adam Goldenberg’s time at Intermix Media that the seeds of what would become the company that is TechStyle Fashion Group would be planted. During his time at Intermix Media Adam would go on to become friends with one of his fellow employees a man who is named Don Ressler. Like Adam Don Ressler also had previous experience founding a start up. Eventually the two men would go on to launch two ecommerce companies together and the second company that they would work on together was known as JustFab. JustFab would eventually become the company that is known today as TechStyle Fashion Group and would become the parent company to the digitally native online fashion brands that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg would launch under the auspices of TechStyle Fashion Group. Today TechStyle Fashion Group is the home base for growing brands like the women’s athletic brand Fabletics. Fabletics is a partnership between Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and its spokesperson Kate Hudson.

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