Impressive Facts about Drew Madden

Drew Madden has revolutionized daily activities of individuals especially health practitioners due to his broad knowledge of information technology. The Information Technology guru attended Lowa University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. Drew Madden specialized in healthcare systems and over the past years, he has assisted many medical care institutions in storing and managing data of their patients successfully and easily.

Drew Madden started his early career at Cerner Co Corporations. He, later on, shifted to Nordic Consulting Partners and served the company from 2011 to 2016 before landing himself at Evergreen Company, the latest company that is managed by four partners. Drew Madden is a passionate person on matters concerning electronic medical records. While he was serving at Nordic Consulting Partners, he collaborated with many partners and also various prestigious companies. This lead to the growth of the firm ranging from annual revenue collected, employees to client partners.

As a president of the firm, he developed strategic strategies to establish the networks and also played a significant role in assisting the firm deals with electronic medical records. His unique and excellent skills also make the company gain high reputation and becomes very competitive in the healthcare sector. The firm also outshines its competitor’s thanks to his aggressiveness and teamwork from employees. Besides that, the business also receives honors from top leaders and above all KLAS Awards. The firm received this awards because it was rated as the best consultation company and in the provision of epic implementation services.

Drew Madden has not turned back yet since he left Nordic Consultation Partners. Evergreen Company provides a high tech digital records solution to various healthcare institutions and has made the operation of healthcare practitioners quite easy. Drew Madden has a goal to establish more firm in various countries and increase sales and revenue to its firm.

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