The fight for civil and human rights

Civil rights are a key aspect of any democratic country. It’s imperative that every human in any country is treated will a level humanity and dignity that ensures they never feel unwanted or unappreciated.

These rights in most cases are not just granted but have to be fought for and preserved by ensuring that those who have access to power are kept in check. It is for this reason that various organizations have come together to ensure the preservation of human, civil and migrant rights.

Amnesty International

This is an organization that was founded in 1961 and for the last fifty-five years they have been defending human rights. Lacey and Larkin have been so vocal and effective around the world that in1971 they were awarded a Nobel peace prize this was for their efforts in defending human rights and dignity working towards the elimination of torture as well as ensuring that people are not detained for political reasons. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They have also been very instrumental in working to ensure world peace can be achieved. Part of their other achievements includes helping achieve freedom for one hundred and fifty-three people who had been detained for various reasons ranging from political to religious view. They work through a three-tier approach that involves


This is whereupon the identification of a crisis they send a group on the ground who main focus is to assert what is going on then they respond promptly in order to start the next step.


This step involves the use of research conducted to mobilize the community educating them on what violations are been put on them and empowering them at the grassroots level to fight to protect this right.


This entails engaging leaders and policymakers directly. In the United States, this approach has been very effective and it not only happens at the federal level but also at the state level.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This is an organization that was started by two journalists from Arizona. Lacey and Larkiin had been advocates of human and civil rights long before they began the organization as manifested in their articles and other published works especially against America’s toughest sheriff Arpaio.

The duo had seen the kind of treatment the sheriff directed towards Mexican immigrants in his county with him conducting random stops as well as arbitrary arrest. In some cases, some of the detainees wound up dead in his custody.

This reporting of his misgivings would lead them on a collision path and it was sometime in 2007 that he finally arrested the two and charged them with dubious crimes. The ninth circuit court would later find that the two had no case to answer and in fact there first amendment rights had been so grossly violated that the county had to settle.

In the following months, a settlement of 3.75 million dollars was reached and Lacey and Larkin agreed to start the Frontera Fund. This fund is dedicated towards the fight for human rights of Mexicans around Arizona as well as others aggrieved by the disregard of their rights.

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