OneLogin technology; the thin line in data regulation policy

Data is the most valuable asset when it comes to matters of technology. Being informed in this day and age is having access to relevant information at their disposal at all times. However, it is equally hard enough to manage, protect and control virtual data because no abstract rules or regulation was initially in place. But with the recent developments in both technological and regulations side, we have some regulations in place, The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This has been the roadmap and the fundamental rules that provide and regulate on matters regulation and frameworks of data security and privacy.

OneLogin is a company that provides data security and privacy programs to its clientele. They pride themselves on being the pioneer companies in this sector of the industry to adopt General Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP) as part of their first SOC 2 reports some years ago. They offered data processing Agreements forthwith after safe harbor was invalidated, provision of privacy shield programs presently after it was made available. They were aboriginals to ratify the ISO 27018.

They also have been keen observers of policies and process to ensure that they align with respected privacy frameworks. They also take a keen interest in the contract language in matters privacy requirements. They ensure that they have a standard MSA and data Processing agreement incorporated in them in the contracts. They strive to making sure that they get the customers’ needs right for a smooth working without worrying about privacy related issues.

They have also adopted the latest regulations on the Data Protection Officer (DPO) requirement, law anchored in the article 29 working party guidance that was issued in late 2016. This means they have an external legal counsel that helps them in their matters, who is based within the EU as their DPO. With the new regulations in place, it has prompted a series of new certifications from the relevant bodies in order to comply with the GDPR. They have been committed to ensuring that all is in order and up running in the within the least time.

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