Susan Mcgalla Helps Women Realize How They Can Move Up Corporate Ladder

Susan Mcgalla is a very powerful person in the business world. She knows a lot about the way that people can build better careers in marketing, and she is willing to share this advice with anyone that is trying to listen. That may be one of the main reasons that she has been successful. She has always been willing to help people that wanted to know how they could and prove their careers in the business world.

There are quite a few women that come to hear Susan when she speaks. Others take time to listen to what she is doing when she is interviewing. She has a very impressive resume, and so many people are going to follow in her footsteps. She has a degree in marketing, and higher education is the road to success in her eyes.

She has told so many people about the value of getting a higher education in order to make it in the business world. This is true for women. She believes that people should actually know that the playing field is not even when it comes to men and women.Ladies have to work twice as hard as men to thrive in the business world.

Susan is definitely building a better road map for women that seriously want to engage in a climb up the corporate ladder. She has done a lot to make people realize the retail clothing industry is a great place for women to engage in marketing. She has been able to excel in many different roles in the marketing arena, and much of this has been connected to retail clothing.

She has revamped the clothing line for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she has also served as a CEO for two clothing companies for millennials. This has allowed her to create a very powerful platform for women. She knows how to give advice about what women need to look for when they are creating change in an industry. She knows how to market and build companies up. She was recently hired by the Pittsburgh Steelers for her marketing skills.

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