Paul Mampilly Maintains That Looking at Generational Trends Is the Key to Investment Success

Paul Mampilly is a financial mastermind. He is able to look at the future, predict which products will be successful, and invest in those products. This had led him to become extremely wealthy through investments. The key to understanding which products will be successful lies in being able to look at human trends and consumer trends, as well as generational trends. By looking at what the new generation is interested in, you can figure out what will be popular ten years from now.

Paul Mampilly is different than most other investors, because he focuses on teaching the average American how to invest smartly. His goal is to reach those people who are not big time Wall Street investors. These people, also known as Main Street investors, are the little guys who do not have access to millions of dollars to invest. That is why he founded Capuchin Consulting and Profits Unlimited.

Paul Mampilly is able to look at what millennials are doing and what they are buying and predict which industries will see a boom over the next decade or two. One of those industries is the food industry. Paul Mampilly says that millennials are spending over fifty dollars a week on eating out. They are buying a lot of food. The restaurant industry is one industry that you should invest in. There are other subcategories of the food industry. For example, food delivery services, like Blue Apron, are becoming very popular among millennials, and you should invest in them too. When looking at a food company, you should look at ones that have qualities that millennials are interested in. Millennials like companies that are careful to provide healthy food that is eco-friendly. You do not want to invest in companies that are not careful to keep the world safe.

Paul Mampilly retired from Wall Street in order to help Main Street investors. He says that the most tiring thing about Wall Street is that decisions involving millions of dollars rest on your shoulders, which can be very stressing. He believes that Wall Street has a serious flaw, which is that you have to spend so much money paying fees to the middlemen. He believes that the market is rigged in a certain way, because insiders have access to information the average Joe does not have. That is why he started his new business.

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