Drew Madden Talks CVS And Amazon

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur in the field of healthcare information technology. Drew Madden built himself up to that point having first been an employee for a company that did business in that field. Drew has a lot of experience and expertise in what it means to work in this particular field. Knowing that, we should all take a listen to what he sees happening in the major event of the day in healthcare. That is how CVS and Amazon are reacting to each other in business terms in healthcare.

CVS- This is the legacy company as it were when it comes to healthcare. They have provided people their pharmaceutical products for a great many number of years. In order to keep themselves active and healthy in the industry, they have made some moves to try to counter the things that Amazon has been doing. Check out madisonstartups.com

Any customers of their MinuteClinic will be happy to hear that they can now receive next day delivery. There are others who will wake up to the news that Aetna insurance is now owned by CVS. It is possible to purchase your insurance and use it to get exactly the kind of prescriptions that you need all from the same place.

Amazon- This technology company wants to potentially play a role in your healthcare as well. At least that is what people are taking from the fact that they have applied for licenses in many states to start selling pharmaceutical products over the Internet. If they are granted this right, then we all might soon find ourselves purchasing our medicines from them. That would be a big change to the industry, and it is entirely possible that this will happen soon.

These are both major changes from major companies. Keep your eye on how this story. It is the biggest story yet in healthcare this year. You can visit evergreenhealthcarepartners.com


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