How The Chainsmokers Plan to Beat the Competition: An Interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

Music is capable of touching people in extraordinary ways, and even though different styles of music connect with certain people better, it’s still easy to see when individuals or groups put in the effort to make truly profound music. The Chainsmokers are an example of such a group, and the two musicians who make up The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, are dedicated to honing their craft and reaching their audience through impactful music. However, this type of mentality is a little bit rare for “DJ-bands.” For the most part, DJs tend not to use their own vocals in their music, instead vying for a focus on beats and addictive sound. The Chainsmokers, on the other hand, hope to bend these expectations and make music unique to them. Their process and intention to make special music certainly separates them from the cluttered crowd of growing musicians and bands, but a recent interview with Interview Magazine with the band’s duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, offers a view into their goals for the band.

While the interview begins with a quick discussion of how the two met and the early stages of their time together, later questions target the long-term plans for The Chainsmokers and how the duo plans to stand out from the crowd in creating excellent music. One of the questions posed to the two is as follows: “Do you think being a DJ duo and being in the electronic genre makes it harder to build a strong identity as artists?” Taggart begins with a quick “yes and no,” and then offers more detail. Essentially, Taggart’s belief is that they should stray away from sticking to the “formula” of DJ music, and instead embrace uniqueness and allowing their individuality to shine out. One of the primary ways they intend to do this, according to both throughout the interview, is to do genre-blending and other experimentation.

“Closer,” along with a few other breakout hits from The Chainsmokers, have put the band into the limelight recently. However, if The Chainsmokers want to continue dominating the charts and social consciousness, they need to innovative the way they already have. Fortunately for the duo, all indications point to them being capable of the task.

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