How Sahm Adrangi Researches Companies and Saves Money

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital in 2009. Since its introduction, Sahm Adrangi has been involved in every aspect of the development of the firm. It cost him less than $1 million to start the firm, and yet, the business is worth about $150 million today. That is 150 times the value of the beginning investment.

He first became internationally noted for his fine research and exposure fake Chinese companies and made a name for himself in short selling those equities. He directed his clients away from those equities in time to avoid any substantial loss. He was instrumental in exposing these companies as fraudulent and saved investors millions of dollars.

Because he is widely known as a short seller, it is no surprise that Sahm Adrangi is also noted for a lot of research on stocks, particularly those that appear to under perform the market. His firm is noted for maintaining a different set of views on under performing stocks and short selling. The firm, Kerrisdale Capital, publishes research in an attempt to clarify what they call misconceptions about undervalued stocks. These ‘undervalued’ stocks are in a few sectors: biotechnology and mining.

The company’s focus of research has narrowed and changed somewhat in recent years. Today, their focus appears to be on biotechnology companies more so than any other area. They particularly publish papers on start-up biotechnology companies, and have narrowed their research into this arena with outstanding results.

Another arena they have explored in their publications is mining. The sector has a number of newer, undervalued stocks that they expect will perform well in the future. Sahm Adrangi has shown the investment sector that there are other, more subtle ways of investing and doing well and helping clients obtain and sustain a substantial financial advantage in today’s volatile markets.

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