Ian King’s Invaluable Investment Contributions

Ian King is a renowned cryptocurrency trader who has spent more than two decades analyzing the financial market. King has equivalent experience in trading. This is a fact that makes his opinions matter in the world of business. Ian has an unmatched passion for the crypto asset market. As a result, he makes significant contributions on various investment topics on Investopedia. One of the major achievements of Ian King is the development of a program that helps businesspeople to understand more about litecoin, bitcoin, and crypto assets among others.

Interestingly, Ian had a very humble beginning in his career. After completing his studies, he joined the Salomon Brothers where he worked as the desk clerk. King did not find this position fulfilling, so he later joined Citigroup. However, Ian did not spend a lot of time serving at Citigroup. Ian King carried out numerous trading options at Peahi Capital where he served for more than 10 years. Working at Peahi Capital was an eye-opener to him since he discovered his interests and decided to pursue them. Visit Banyan Hill to know more about Ian King.

In 2017, Ian King was pleased to join Banyan Hill Publishing where he contributes to various topics about the crypto market. Most investors find Ian’s advise invaluable when it comes to making investments in cryptocurrency. Currently, Ian King prepares weekly investment articles to Banyan Hill. Through reading his articles, investors get updates on trending crypto developments. It is important to note that King leads the crypto investment advisory team at Banyan Hill. Follow Ian on Twitter.

When interviewed by Ideamensch, King said that he likes to start his day quite early so as to remain productive all day long. In the morning, Ian spends a lot of time checking on the news and then goes for a short workout session. Ian finds exercising quite important to him because it helps to refresh his mind. After Ian is done with his workout out session, he continues to gather more information about cryptocurrency. As a result, he assesses numerous charts to find out current trends in cryptocurrency. Ian King spends a lot of his time trying to figure out what he can write in his articles. This leads him to extensive research into cryptocurrency because he likes to give quality and helpful content. Mr. King also responds to questions asked by his customers. Ian says that he values the experiences gained in traveling to different places and meeting people because they help him to get new ideas.

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