Perry Mandera – The Giving Man and Entrepreneur

Perry Mandera is a philanthropist, business owner, politician, entrepreneur, and veteran. Chicago is his home and passion. He supports his community through his business Custom Companies Inc. He also gives support and time to various charities. He’s a coach, family man, and a dedicated church member (Perrymandera1).



He graduated from high school in 1975. Perry Mandera joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves after graduation. He learned to drive a truck during his service. After his Honorable Discharge, he worked. He started his first business. He then ran for office and became the youngest Committeeman at the time in 1984. He represented the 26th Ward in Chicago for four years. Custom Companies, Inc. began in 1986. He founded his company with a vision. That vision has helped create hundreds of jobs, and aid thousands of people. He was named in the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millenium” by ITA.



Custom Companies is based in Northlake Illinois. They’re a Full-Service Transportation Provider. Perry Mandera started Custom Companies with the belief in always doing things the right way and giving back. This led to the formation of Custom Cares Charities.



* Custom Cares Charities helps financially support education for low-income youth, and they’re proud to support veterans with “Hiring Our Heroes” and “Marines for Life”. Perry Mandera has sponsored over 100 youth teams in the Chicago area.

* He also serves as a board member for the Jesse White Tumblers and Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. They provided thousands of coats to needy families in the Chicago metro location. They’ve given away over 6,500 coats.

* During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Perry Mandera helped deliver life-saving supplies to the disaster areas. He and his company have helped other disaster areas after natural catastrophes as well.

* He donates (personally and professionally) to cancer research, youth support, and programs for veterans. He also strives to hire veterans as often as possible.



Perry Mandera enjoyed work as a youth coach for basketball, football, and baseball teams. He sponsored professional boxers who competed in the Olympics. In his personal life, he remains an active member of the church and community. He remains happily married since 1989 and spends time playing sports with his two kids.

His life’s work has been committed to helping others. Perry Mandera created a great business and charity. He’s helped thousands of people and saved countless lives. He still serves the Chicago area today and offers to mentor new business pioneers. His story of success in giving continues forward.


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  1. Presley Camdyn says:

    Perry actually gives and I could have been close to someone who has received directly from him but this one is indirect to me. To be frank the superiorpapers has been taking a time to work out this factors really in most cases. I know that I have received something because people have effects on the lives of others everyday and that is where Perry has given me something indirectly.

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