Securus Technologies: Making Correctional Facilities Great Again

There are many challenges in correctional institutions these days. Among these challenges is the use of illegal cellular devices. These contraband phones have been the communication devices that have been used to carry out many crimes. Just recently, a former corrections officer was shot six times in his own home. An infant was murdered, and countless other crimes have been attributed to these devices. While violence is nothing new within the facilities, the unmonitored communications have led to a significant increase in crimes outside the facility walls. Securus Technologies has developed a solution to this problem known as Wireless Containment Devices.


Securus Technologies is well known for its telecommunications services provided to both inmates and facility staff. They provide software, inmate monitoring, commissary items, and many other services for their “internal” customers. For inmates and their families, the company provides calling plans, video visitation, and a number of other services. The company has over three decades of experience and has acquired numerous other companies over the years. Currently headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, the company continues to grow at a rapid pace.


Wireless Containment Systems provide a unique solution to the illegal communication issue. They act as a network within the facility to disconnect calls that are placed illegally. The project is currently in its testing phase, however, the results have been promising thus far. Over a million illegal communications have been blocked. The project was initially questioned by the FCC, who was concerned that the devices may interfere or “block” another network, which is illegal. Fortunately, Securus Technologies was able to prove this assumption to be false, and continue on with the project. Many supporters of the technology have been attempting to get the devices as required equipment in all facilities. They’re also hopeful that this will create a sharp decline in facility-related crime(s).


Securus Technologies has also recently partnered with JPay and GovPayNet to bring additional technology forward. These newly acquired companies are expected to assist in getting projects done much quicker, and with better results. Both companies have extensive experience in working with financial matters in the corrections field.


Securus Technologies has also won the admiration of both its internal and external companies. Many facility staff reviews show the gratitude for the monitoring services the company provides. Customer satisfaction ratings also show that the company is doing a great job. With 95 percent of customers satisfied with the customer service they’ve received, the company is doing its part to help things go smoothly. Securus Technologies has also received an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully, the company will continue at its quick pace to become the industry authority in correctional facility management. With its focus and dedication, this company is expected to grow steadily over the years.

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