The Career Journey Of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is a skilled business leader who is hardworking, disciplined and creative. In 2015, he was one of the chief executive officers who were best paid in the United States. Despite being successful in the business world, Tony Petrello is also an active philanthropist. Tony was born and raised in New Jersey and went to school there. He was always known as a very hardworking student and was accepted to study at the Yale University. Due to his hard work, he secured a scholarship and mentored by a famous mathematics professor known as Serge Lang.

Tony Petrello also attended the Harvard University and earned his law degree. The career path of Tony Petrello can be traced back in 1979 when he worked with Baker & McKenzie. After working there for seven years, he became experienced and skilled in matters concerning taxation and arbitration. Anthony Petrello started his involvement with Nabors Industries while he still worked at Baker & McKenzie as an attorney. He later joined Nabors Industries and had ever since been serving at the company in different capacities. Tony Petrello has dedicated his career to expanding Nabors Industries into one of the leading companies in the world.

The estimated income of Tony Petrello in 2014 was $68.2 million. Currently, he serves at Nabors Industries as the chief executive officer. He also serves as the company’s chairman where he oversees the implementation of the strategic plans of the company. Nabors Industries is a company involved in the oil and mining industry. It operates as a contract driller and offers services in the field of oil. Nabors Industries has over 500 rigs scattered in 25 nations. The company is also the leading company with oil wells that are land-based. Tony Petrello went to work at Nabors Industries in 1991 and has been serving in the company for over two decades.

In 2002, Tony Petrello helped Nabors Industries by taking it offshore. He has in the past worked with the former Nabors Industries’ CEO Eugene Isenberg. For the time that Anthony has worked at Nabors, he has helped increase its share price by approximately 180%. Tony Petrello has a lot of knowledge of Mathematics and is knowledgeable in legal matters. He is passionate about helping children with neurological disorders since his daughter has the same condition. Tony Petrello contributes towards the Texas Children Hospital together with his wife.

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