Jeff Aronin: Life Regenerator


Paragon Biosciences is a company that invests in and fosters the growth of upcoming biotechnology companies. Through the vision of Jeff Aronin, the company is able to assist with improving the quality of life for individuals.

According to Jeff Aronin, Paragon Biosciences applies new approaches to problems that have baffled the masses. The company then offers innovative answers to these issues. The ultimate goal of Paragon Biosciences is to advance companies that have adopted focused strategies which target distinct clinical arenas.

The number of diseases and ailments today that do not have treatment methods are in excess of 6,000. The desperate need for individualized treatment protocol for these diseases is the driving force behind Paragon Biosciences. Their doctrine includes pinpointing the needs of the patient and interpreting the biology of their specific disease ( Paragon then pours their resources into companies with the common goal of resolving the unfulfilled needs of patients.

One of the Paragon affiliates is Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. It is a biopharmaceutical company that produces inventive procedures for people with uncommon and/or crippling skin disorders. Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals possesses a highly effective assortment of advanced products. The application of these products have the power to drastically enhance lives.

Jeff Aronin, in conjunction with Paragon Biosciences, is a cornerstone of the Chicago community. He is seated on the board of directors for World Business Chicago. This organization exists as a cooperative function between the city of Chicago and independent founders. Together, they concentrate on the development of job opportunities. Mr. Aronin was delegated to the board by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Discover Financial Services is another company that Aronin participates with as a board of directors member. There are many other functions that he has played significant roles in. They include ChicagoNEXT and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Another source of community support that involves Jeff Aronin is The Aronin Family Foundation. This foundation helps to provide a voice for patients while finding treatments for many of the world’s most harmful conditions and diseases. Numerous health institutions within Chicago and around the world have prospered due to the kindness and undying benevolence of the foundation.

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