Lawrence Bender’s Rise to Film Fame Through Reservoir Dogs

Lawrence Bender is an iconic film producer from the United States. He was originally born in Brooklyn and grew up thinking that he would go into civil engineering. He attended the University of Maine where he eventually graduated with his degree in civil engineering. However, he has always had a passion inside him for the arts and decided to go into the realm of dance. After a serious injury a professional future in dance wasn’t feasible. It was after the industry that Lawrence Bender finally dipped his toe into the work of producing film. It turns out that this was his natural born calling.

Lawrence Bender rose to prominence in the film industry very quickly after his work on Reservoir Dogs. The film came out in 1992 and immediately became a film with global hype. The film was written by Quentin Tarantino and told the sale of a jewelry store heist gone wrong. It also showcases the events both before and after the jewelry store robbery and is classified as a heist thrilled movie. The film contains the storytelling that Quentin Tarantino has since before famous for. It includes things like Tarantino’s signature storytelling, violent crime and a story being told in a non-linear fashion that bounces around various events and time periods. Reservoir Dogs has been nicknamed as the best independent film ever made and is now known as a cult film. The film was a bit controversial at the time of release due to heavy violence and profanity. However, the movie itself garnered mass success and notoriety.

After Reservoir Dogs, Lawrence Bender continued to see great success and make a name for himself as a top film producer in the film community. Since Reservoir Dogs, Lawrence Bender has gone on to produce a variety of films that have earned him several Academy Awards, more than 25 Academy nominations and several Oscar nominations. These films include many very popular titles that broke down doors in the film community. These films include movies like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglorious Bastards and more. He is also known for his work in documentary film production through An Inconvenience Truth.

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