Southridge Capital Providing All Rounded Financial Solutions To Its Clients

Southridge Capital provides structured finance and advisory for public firms. The company is dedicated to aiding its clients in meeting their needs by offering a wide range of unconventional financial solutions. The firm has a group of leaders with a broad comprehension of the market and its players. They also work tirelessly without room for failure to see that the client’s financial plans are in place.


Since 1966 Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion directly, into growth firms worldwide. It has funded over 250 public firms which has made the company aware of the problems every growing firm faces and because of this, the firm has a team of experts who can deal with most of these corporate issues such as optimized balance sheet operation and personalized financing techniques.


When it comes to advisory, the firm provides services that cover everything. This comprises of, financial analysis where Southridge Capital designs a comprehensive, projected financial reports that are in line with operational and financial assumptions. The company also help firms to maintain a suitable balance between equity and debt through balance sheet optimization. To see more you can checkout



The procedure of Mergers and Acquisitions involves the access to merger prospects whose business models are the same with those of the client. Southridge Capital’s services concerning Restructuring Analysis, the firm helps companies to take the right action for desirable results. Southridge Capital offer negotiations and structuring to help firms emerge from bankruptcy. The firm’s Legal Settlement services stress on helping with resolving litigations by clarifying all the legal essentials and reducing the time and the cost sustained by the client.


The company’s structured financial aspect of service contains financing solutions, credit-enhancing, and securitization. Southridge Capital understands that firms need financing, but they do not fully optimize the opportunities they may currently have. Southridge Capital offers monetization of the firm’s asset base through loans against capital or insider shares as one way of securitization solutions. Additionally, Southridge Capital collaborates with the firm’s creditors directly to eliminate debt in favor of common stocks, and by doing that, Southridge helps firms to better their creditworthiness.


Southridge Capital management team includes, Narine Persaud who is the CFO and controller, Henry Sargent who is the General Counsel, Laurence J. who is the Director of Research, Linda Carlsen is a fellow of the portfolio management team and Stephen Hicks who is the CEO and founder of the firm.




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