A Brief History of Gregory Aziz, CEO of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is currently chaired by Gregory James Aziz who is also the president and the Chief Executive Officer. The actual location of the company is in Hamilton, Ontario and was initially founded in 1912. It has earned a remarkable reputation as the top railroad company in North America due to its over one hundred years of excellence in manufacturing, engineering and its commitment to producing high standard goods. Since its founding, National Steel Car has consistently designed and manufactured cargo vehicles that meet the continually evolving standards and needs of their clients and the industry.

James Aziz has always been an outstanding person. He was born in the year 1949, April 30th. He schooled at Ridley College and obtained an economics degree from Western University. After college, Greg Aziz started working in the wholesale food company owned by his family. This food business expanded and in a few years, it became a worldwide importer of fresh foods from Europe, South, and Central America. Also, the food company became the main fresh food distributor to prominent marketers in the US and Eastern Canada. Working in the family business sharpened the managerial and leadership skills of Gregory Aziz.

National Steel Car prides itself on its employees who are hardworking and innovative. Currently, the company has employed about 3000 employees thus creating job opportunities in the community of Hamilton. The employees are driven by strong core values thus making the company more dynamic, innovative and diverse. Additionally, the customer relations are excellent; therefore the company has developed trust in its customers in producing exceptional quality railcars. More so, the delivery services are high-speed and efficient thus attracting more customers. Go To This Page for related information.


Due to the high standards of operation of this company, it became the first company to receive an ISO 9001:2008 certificate and has continuously been recertified annually ever since. On top of that, the company won the TTX SECO award, and it holds the honor consistently for more than a decade now. These achievements are due to the hard work of James Aziz since 1994 when he bought the Canadian company from the then owner, Mr. Dofasco. The loyalty and support of the customers have also contributed significantly to the success of the company, but mainly, the quality of the railcars is what has made it become such a big success.

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