Monthly Archives: July 2018

Dr. Mark Mckenna’s New Approach to Cosmetic Treatment

Mark Mckenna’s brand new cosmetic service boutique, which was launched in March 2018 is revolutionizing the cosmetic world. Most people wish to change certain aspects of themselves, be it a blemish, aging signs, a scar, or so forth. Under normal … Continue reading

Victoria Doramus, Feelings and Addiction

Victoria Doramus is an individual who has a lot of proficiency that pertains to recovery and how it affects human beings of all kinds. She’s suffered from addiction herself, too. That’s the reason she’s more than qualified to discuss the … Continue reading

He’s No Sadaam But this DAMAC Owner Hussain is A Winner

Singapore-listed Pacific Star Development (PSD) and Dubai’s DAMAC International have become partners in collectively creating luxury properties across key cities in Southeast Asia within the next five decades. Damac Properties is a land development unit of DAMAC Group, which was … Continue reading

A Look Into Robert Ivy’s Successful Career

Some people take architecture as a real career while for others it’s about realizing their dreams and building their passion. In a field that has been less explored and considered, standing out is a great achievement in anyone’s career. Robert … Continue reading

Financial veteran Luiz Carlos Trabuco

The World Economic Forum took place this January in Switzerland. The forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. Dating back to 1971, this forum is a place where international financial leaders and government official convene to discuss shaping economic … Continue reading

Lacey and Larkin still fighting for leaders to respect the First Amendment

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are human and civil rights activists from Arizona. The two have been in the fore front in condemning acts of discrimination that are planned and executed mainly by people who are in position s of … Continue reading

The Success of Jacob Gottlieb’s Firm

It is an announcement that Visium Asset Management made in June 2016. The organization made it clear that they were winding down in business due to the charges that came from mis-marking of the bond. Jacob Gottlieb is the CIO … Continue reading

All About Ryan Seacrest

American Idol series is returning in television starting in 2018 spring at ABC. It will be its first season. The host of this iconic music competition will be Ryan Seacrest. He is a creative entrepreneur who has held dominant positions … Continue reading

Ted Bauman career journey

Ted Bauman, is a writer at Banyan Hill Publishing, he joined the company in 2013 and is tasked with publishing articles about asset protection and low-risk investment opportunities. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted worked in South Africa as a … Continue reading

Clayton Hutson: Working to Provide Artists With Positive Opportunities

Clayton Hutson knows how to help people and knows there are things he can do to make everything better. He also feels there are positive experiences he can use to continue showing others what they need to get out of … Continue reading