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American Idol series is returning in television starting in 2018 spring at ABC. It will be its first season. The host of this iconic music competition will be Ryan Seacrest. He is a creative entrepreneur who has held dominant positions as being a producer and a host in local radio and national syndicate, as well as cable television and broadcast. Ryan Seacrest, in his career, he has been winning awards due to his efforts.

In his life, Ryan Seacrest has involved himself in many entertainment and media companies due to his interest in entrepreneurship. He is a philanthropist, and who has dedicated his efforts on initiatives related to the youth that have a significant national impact.

While at the radio, Ryan Seacrest hosts “On Air” which is a national syndicate in Los Angeles. It is a morning time show in iHeartMedia KIIS-FM, which is among the top 40 in the radio shows. He is also an executive producer and co-host at Disney/ABC which is a syndicated talk show that is held in the morning together with Kelly. Besides, Ryan Seacrest host ABC’s program about New Year’s Eve that host yearly where he also serves as an executive producer.

He also owns an entertainment producing company known as Ryan Seacrest Productions. This company has been able to win an Emmy Award. The company produces a hit E! spinoffs of keeping up series with the Kardashians, as well as awards at Red Carpet Shows, Best Cover Ever in, and Love Kellie Pickler. Ryan Seacrest Production produces a drama series called Shades of Blue. It is an NBC that stars Jennifer Lopez.

Ryan Seacrest enterprise lifestyle is burgeoning that includes, Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Menswear collection that exclusively sell at Macy’s. He has also partnered with a dermatologist known as Doctor Harold Lancer in Men’s Skincare line. Besides, Ryan Seacrest has been having a standing relationship for a long time with Ford and Coca-cola blue-chip brands. Ryan also makes sure to takes care of his physical well-being thru his workout routine.

His efforts as a philanthropist make Ryan Seacrest serve as the chairman of his organization Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It has managed to open other broadcast media centers under Seacrest studios which are in pediatric hospitals located in the country’s city. He is the man serving at LACMA on the board and Grammy Foundation Chairman.

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