End Citizens United: Fighting with Support of Grassroots Efforts

The political landscape in America is becoming more turbulent as time passes. Although a lot of people will attribute to differences in opinions there is far more contributing to the dissatisfaction of your average American. A lot of this dissatisfaction among Americans can be attributed to their feelings of being unheard by their representatives. Naturally, in a democracy, everyone cannot expect policy to go as they would prefer but dissatisfaction numbers have climbed to concerning numbers. Despite the fact that every American is entitled to a vote towards representatives that they prefer many feel that they lack any real choice. One of the issues causing such unhappiness is the obvious disproportional influence that rich Americans have over politics in America.

This issue has only been exasperated by controversial rulings by the Supreme Court. The most controversial of these rulings came in 2010 win the Supreme Court heard the case of Citizens United versus FEC. In this case, the Supreme Court came to the conclusion that speech and financial contributions amounted to the same thing. In layman’s terms, this meant that wealthy Americans are allowed to contribute as much money as they like to political representatives of their choice. Such a ruling gives wealthy Americans exceptional influence over politicians and the policies they vote for. With rulings like this in place, the access that poorer Americans have to do their politicians is completely dwarfed. Overall, this is a policy that favors those of the minority over the majority.

This ruling inspired the establishment of the political organization end Citizens United. This organization has made it their mission to not only counteract the issues created by this ruling but to ultimately have the ruling overturned. End Citizens United believes that the ruling is encouraging the corruption of public officials who now find it easier than ever to sell their vote. End Citizens United is passionate about leveling the playing field for honest politicians. End Citizens United intends to do so by raising money and an ethical grassroots effort that they contribute to the campaigns of politicians who reject and vote against the contribution of corrupting money.

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