Herbalife Nutrition and Jonathan dos Santos are Increasing Nutritional Habits

Herbalife Nutrition is a global distributor of nutritional products and programs that they continue to create ever since their founding in 1980. Herbalife remains a modern corporate example of how nutrition can positively affect the daily lives of individuals. Herbalife Nutrition focuses on improving unhealthy nutritional habits, changing the way we view obesity, and addressing aging health problems.

Succinct science-based principles and medical research is the foundation for the popularity of Herbalife Nutrition products. Due to Herbalife’s principles, the company signed the popular athlete soccer player Jonathan dos Santos Ramírez to a sponsorship deal that will take him through the Major League Soccer 2021 season. Mr. Santos is a midfielder for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team as well as a member of the Mexican National Soccer Team.

Herbalife Nutrition approached Mr. Santos because this amazing athlete was already using Herbalife Nutrition products. Jonathan dos Santos was fixing his favorite ‘Banana Sunrise’ shake each morning from the Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength formula. As a pro athlete, Jonathan has always believed in a well-balanced nutritional life due to his pro-athlete status.

As a sports sponsor and partner of Herbalife Nutrition, Jonathan dos Santos will represent the company in promoting nutrition and fitness for individuals of all ages. Mr. Santos will sponsor the many nutritional products offered by Herbalife Nutrition.

Herbalife Nutrition emphasizes its products healthy fueling properties during sports performances to help athletes enhance their athletic performance. Jonathan will also represent Herbalife Nutrition at the company’s sponsored community projects, educational events, and all the marketing promotions for the company.

The corporate image of Herbalife Nutrition is noted by their sponsorship of top athletes, international sports teams, and global sporting events. Herbalife Nutrition’s corporate responsibilities are achieved through the company’s supports of their Herbalife Family Foundation. Herbalife is also very active in programs to give children better nutritional habits through their support of Casa Herbalife.

Jonathan dos Santos was born in Monterrey Mexico in 1990. Jonathan followed his successful brothers and his father into the sport of soccer. His brothers Giovani dos Santos and Eder dos Santos were great soccer football players. Giovani was a designated player for the LA Galaxy Team and his step brother Eder was a defensive midfielder who retired with high ranking scores. Jonathan’s father Geraldo Francisco dos Santos who was nicknamed Zizinho was a star midfielder who played with great Mexican teams during the 1980s. Jonathan is currently a highly ranked designated player.


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