Jeff Herman, the Voice of Sexual Crime Victims

Where cases of sexual exploitation of children occur in institutions, they are typically considered isolated events of bad behavior. The focus is projected on the perpetrator and the institutions that allowed this to happen under their nose by being negligent go scot-free. For example, parents trust schools to watch over their children while they are there; not only to teach but to protect! So, who is to blame when a child gets hurt within those four walls? Is it just the offender or both them and the institution?

Background Information

Jeff Herman is a nationally renowned sexual crimes advocate. He achieved his Juris Doctorate from the School of Law at Case Western Reserve University. He fights for the justice of rape, sexual abuse, sexual molestation and sexual exploitation survivors. Over the past twenty years, Herman has spoken for over 1,000 men, women, and children.

Becoming a Sexual Abuse Litigator

Jeff Herman was a commercial litigator before he changed paths and dived into sex crimes. All this happened when a mother to a 4-year-old autistic boy was referred to him. The mother suspected her son had been sexually abused when he narrated what had been going on at school. Herman took the matter into his own hands and investigated. He realized that the boy had indeed been abused and he was not the only victim. The perpetrator was an out-of-state convicted pedophile who was looking for new victims. Moreover, the school had not conducted a proper background check before hiring; most schools did not either. Jeff decided to hold all persons accountable, and since then he has devoted himself to that cause.

Herman Law

Jeff Herman started Herman Law in 2009. Herman Law is exceptionally committed to its clients that it provides free consultations and only collects its fees once the client has won the case. As of now, the firm is working on pro bono cases and educating the society on the prevention of possible abuse, screening for violence, and talking with the victims of sexual exploitation. The company also has an investigation section that includes law enforcement officials who help decipher cases together with Jeff Herman.

The Outline

Jeff Herman together with Herman Law has committed 100% of their time and resources to speak for the victims of sexual exploitation and abuse, and they are committed to providing quality services to their clients.

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