Surf Air Recommends: Here’s What You Need To Know

For a jet company like Surf Air, making recommendations on where to fly is what we are known for — and we take pride in doing it well. We provide an option of paying monthly as part of our private jet service, which is convenient for those who frequently take short flights between cities in California, Nevada or cities in Texas. Whether your choice is a jet flight from Brussels, Belgium to Luxembourg. Or you are planning a short, two-hour flight from Geneva, Switzerland to Milan, Italy, Surf Air handles covers your European flight needs. And we are also planning to expand our Surf Air services to Dublin, London, Frankfurt, and also Amsterdam.

While the news of an expansion to many more cities is exciting for Surf Air, we strive to bring you many ideas on where to “jet-set” to enjoy new locales that include our flight path on a weekly basis. With Surf Air recommends, we highlight destinations that have quite a lot to offer. We realize that for people that are busy with meeting clients, customers, or even stakeholders as part of one’s business it may be hard to pinpoint all the best places in California, Texas, and Europe to seize that weekend and take your mind off the work life for a short period. That’s why we created Surf Air Recommends.

Our recommendations are excellent every week so that you can make that weekend quite a fabulous one! Whether it is a 3-day Napa Valley Wine tour that starts with a flight from Oakland, Surf Air Recommends has ideas you will be very interested in reading about. We’ll drop some lovely ideas about Surf Air-approved dining, activities, entertainment, lodging, and more to help you enjoy that perfect weekend without the hassle of stressful research or planning.


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