Victoria Doramus, Feelings and Addiction

Victoria Doramus is an individual who has a lot of proficiency that pertains to recovery and how it affects human beings of all kinds. She’s suffered from addiction herself, too. That’s the reason she’s more than qualified to discuss the subject with others. She’s been through addictions with both alcohol and drugs in the past. She was merely 26 years of age back in 2011. That’s when she made her rehabilitation center debut of sorts. She entered a Tucson, Arizona establishment for purposes of healing. She had zero insight that involved addiction matters at that time. She was well aware of the fact that her existence was becoming more and more of a mess, though. Victoria Doramus, a digital print and media professional turned philanthropist, resided at the rehab center for a total of 45 full days. It was called “Sierra Tucson.” Once her time there was complete, she returned to sunny Los Angeles in California. Things didn’t brighten up for her immediately, sadly enough. She attempted relocating to other states. She attempted continuing her education all the way in London in the United Kingdom. Nothing panned out at all. She went to a Connecticut rehabilitation center a handful of years later in 2016. This was a major turning point for her. She returned to her existence in New York, New York. She was going to do anything she could to transform things. According to, she wanted to show her beloved mother that she had the ability to get her situation moving. Her mother was ill and on the verge of passing away at the time. She had cancer.

Victoria Doramus believes that addiction is a massive subject for people. She believes that it’s one that covers things that go beyond simple alcohol and drugs. Her aim is to concentrate on her emotional health. Therapy is invaluable to her as well. Check out her fashion closet on Tradesy.

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