Vinod Gupta: Closing the Gender Gap in India

Vinod Gupta grew up in India under meager circumstances; however, it was his childhood experiences that lead him to the success that he sees today. The village where Gupta grew up lacked many of the basic necessities many people enjoy today, for example, running water and proper electricity. Vinod Gupta learned early on that the best way to better his circumstance was to become educated. After completing his village school, Gupta went on to study agricultural engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology; after which he migrated to the United States and received his master’s degree at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Once he graduated, he took a position with Commodore Corporation as a marketing research analyst. Part of his responsibilities included compiling a list of all mobile home dealers in the United States, this list was to be used for the solicitation of manufactured products. Gupta quickly learned that this was going to be a time-consuming task. However, after countless hours and research his list was compiled. Luckily, Gupta had that where-with-all to understand that this list would be of great value to businesses, thus causing him to parlay it into a nationwide service-based product and with that was the creation of American Business Information in 1972.

Initially, Vinod Gupta made a scanty $100 investment to get his company running. In just 20 years-time, the company was worth $500 million. In 2010, Vinod Gupta sold the company for roughly $680 million.

Now days, Gupta works as a managing general partner for Everest Group and is deeply dedicated to philanthropy work. While he works with a number of organizations, his primary focus is on education. Among other avenues, he has helped build a number of schools throughout India. One such school was right in his hometown of Rampur Maniharan, where he donated $1 million to aid in the building and development of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic School. This school is dedicated to the post-graduate education of women. They offer numerous areas of study which include computer applications, information technology, textile design, and web design. Additionally, Gupta has provided funds that were dedicated to providing text books, school buses, and other supplies need to ensure a quality education.

Throughout India’s history, women have not been afforded the same educational opportunities as the men. However, it is Gupta’s goal to close this gender gap which will effectively create more gender equality within the country.

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