William Saito: Keys to a Successful Business and Life

William H. Saito, one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan,” has spent his whole life in the technology field. He began programming at a young age and by high school had started his own company. He quickly became internationally known and is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities in security software. He sold his business to Microsoft to pursue new business opportunities in Tokyo. Recently, William Saito was appointed to a government position in Japan and advises several other governments as well. He also supports many schools and has published an autobiography.

As a venture capitalist, William Saito has been using his keen skills for many decades, helping get more than 25 businesses started. He believes that failure is a integral part to innovating and starting a business and it has led him to numerous positions and success during his career. Saito believes that you must “fall forward” and improve your products. He utilized this philosophy during the 2011 disasters that rocked Japan when he helped investigate the nuclear incident. His numerous awards are due to his expertise and his valuable strategies.

Saito spends his days determining what people’s problems are and using “design thinking” methodology to try and “fail fast” to bring ideas to realization. He believes that passion and an ability to fail are key to being successful. Without persistence, no one would be able to being products to life. “If you aren’t failing…you’re not trying hard enough“ He also believes that the secret to a successful business is creating a product that customers will buy multiple times.

The world is moving towards a more mobile experience constantly and businesses can tap into that to expand their business internationally. William Saito also believes that someone needs to pay attention to their health and should read content about technological advancements. In particular, he recommends “Life 3.0”, by Max Tegmark that focuses on AI’s and the human perspective.

William Saito has continually been a innovative force in the information security field and a beneficial presence to the international community. His constant belief in falling forward has led him to bringing companies to reality and providing critical help in natural disasters. His legacy continues to grow as he believes in constant improvement and learning from mistakes. While he’s already received many awards and accolades, it’s hard to see how William Saito will not continue to create a better future with each passing year.



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