Another Shot for Papa John’s

After running into to some rough waters, CEO Steve Ritchie as placed himself squarely at the helm of Papa John’s, and is doing his best to turn the ship around. Ritchie has released a letter and sent it directly to customers apologizing for previous incidents, and stating that while there are over 120,000 employees of Papa John’s, it is his still his responsibility. In an effort to address the growing detachment that is inherent in a company so large, the senior management team will be traveling to different locations to get the feel of different papa John’s locations, as well as to help instill and drive home what their corporate personality really is. This is not to say it will be an entirely internal process, outside experts are being brought in to help identify and bridge any gaps within the company.

Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) has also stated his desire of transparency in general, but specifically within this entire process. While some of this may seem like deflecting or passing on the blame, considering the timeframe in which all of this happened and the wording the Ritchie has used with previously open letters and releases, this seems like a genuine response to the situation and a man who is leading a company and trying to do the right thing, rather than playing politician. What really seems to show this is that wile his previous open letter expressed remorse, there was no actual apology. Rather than making a big deal out of it or trying to sweep it under the rug, in his direct to customers letter, which you can get simply by subscribing to their newsletter, he just apologized for the situation and past events. While this can be further scrutinized and dissected, lets keep in mind this is not a Super PAC, it’s a 120,000-employee pizza chain. Maybe Steve Ritchie Papa John’s, and Papa John’s deserve another shot. Papa John’s also ordered workers to complete the diversity training.

See Ritchie’s job history on LinkedIn.

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