My Sincerest Apology: Steve Ritchie

Steve M. Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. He has over 15 years of experience working for the Papa Johns company. Steve began his journey by becoming an owner of a franchise. He held the position of Chief Operating Officer for some time before becoming the President of Papa Johns. Steve Ritchie has focused on the increase of global operation for the organization.

In the near past, someone made remarks in the media that some Papa John’s consumers weren’t happy about. As a result, numerous businesses withdrew their support from Papa John’s Pizza. An answer and bandage was needed to help heal the wound. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns assisted promptly with an address.

The CEO of the pizza giant, Steve Ritchie, publicly apologized to the country and Papa John’s customers. There has been millions of people supporting the company over the years so this was needed. His address was in the format of a public letter. He began his sincere apology by acknowledging the the recent events and stating that it has been one of the roughest times of his tenure. Ritchie proceeded to say that the comments that were made were not supported by himself; and it bothered him to know that customers were not at ease about the situation. He also said that prejudice and racist remarks are intolerable. He went on to say there would be a number of changes within the company as they move forward. Among those changes, there will now be random audits to keep employees honest and the company’s image respectable. Doing this will enable the company to make necessary changes as they see fit. This is vital because any areas that need improvement can be resolved before the issues persists into something bigger. Senior staff members within the company will now be playing larger roles in Papa John’s media operations; as well as other areas of the company’s practices. This new approach will help stupendously with maintaining the appropriate image and customer service. When people feel comfortable with businesses they are receiving service from, they often become return customers. See the latest Tweet from Steve.

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