Solution-Based Southridge Capital

Smart financial firms will have the word “solutions” in their byline, as does Southridge Capital in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Customers are looking for ways in which to grow their money, but in a solution-based kind of way. Steven Hicks founded Southridge Capital when the firm he was working for in New York City closed down. He could have easily taken his talent and stayed in New York, where there likely could have been firms literally lining up to hire him, but instead he went back to the bucolic setting in Connecticut and started a firm.


Living in Connecticut and working in New York carries with it a commute, involving trains, subways, car service and even electric scooters to get to one’s place of employ. Riding the train in this part of the country, into Manhattan, albeit enjoyable, is nothing short of an absolute necessity. When confronted with the notion that skipping all of that is an option, and working from beautiful Connecticut, allowing more time for workouts and family, few people would be upset. Mr. Hicks decided to start his own firm, leaving the commute and city life behind him. Southridge Capital has morphed into an unmitigated success proving that he does, in fact, know how to make the right call at the right time, a necessary skill set for running a hedge fund.


Hedge funds are unbelievably wonderful investment vehicles, and if an investor can find a hedge fund manager with even a modicum of good timing, they will indeed have found a real treasure. The biggest problem with trading is that when a stock is doing well, investors think it will never stop doing well. Capitulations and reversals are all-but-guaranteed in markets, yet paradoxically when things are on an upswing, it seems like that will never happen. This is the primary reason why most people cannot trade their own money effectively, because they think trees grow straight to the sky. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Steven Hicks, and his solution-based Southridge Capital, can help navigate the choppy waters of trading, make decisions on a daily basis that investors would struggle to make themselves, and they will be better off for it. He will deliver the results needed to create a more secure future for his clients.


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