Steve Richie Makes a Brilliant Move for Papa Johns’ Future

About a month ago on July 16th, 2018, Papa John’s CEO, Steve Richie, made a very brilliant move. He wrote a letter to his customers saying how the past week, before July 16th, had been one of the toughest he’d had during his 22 year career with Papa Johns. He continued to say how sorry he was for what had been occurring lately and then went on to write that bad language and racism should never ever be used or allowed and won’t be at Papa Johns. Steve Richie went on to say how big of a company Papa Johns Pizza is and that it is full of every day people from all walks of life who want nothing more than to give their Papa John customers better pizza and better service.

As the letter went on, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns mentioned three things that Papa Johns was going to do to put action to all the bad that had been happening lately. 1. Papa Johns is in the process of taking in experts from outside of the business to aid in analyzing Papa Johns’ culture, differences, and incorporation methods, 2. Papa Johns’ upper management team will be traveling around America, hearing out their employees and business men and women to get their feedback for the future, and 3. According to INC, Steve Richie and his employees plan on being totally transparent with their customers all along the way. Steve Richie ends his letter by writing that he will be leading this whole process because he believes that it is the most vital thing for the Papa John company, at this moment in time and that he thanks all of his customers for being so loyal to Papa Johns.

This letter and the plans and changes that it talked about were all very intelligent ideas on Steve Richie’s part. Through them all, he was very compassionate while also being just a little bit defenseless and exposed as he crafted a very beautiful, sincere apology. He made sure that his customers knew that none of the terrible things that had been happening and said were his fault and that Papa Johns was ultimately a lot larger than just one single person. This innovative and resourceful move may just have been what Papa Johns needed to redeem itself. Only time will tell if this next step of Steve Richie’s will move Papa Johns forward in the future. Check this open letter from Steve.

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